Yummy! My Homemade Moisturizing Cream

...The hold of a gel, the softening qualities of a humectant plus the moisturizing benefits of the most nutrient-packed butters...who knew I could have it all?!
And look how yummy!

I just might market this stuff.

For you mixtresses out there, here are the ingredients:

mango butter
shea butter
kokum butter
glycerin (very little)
a bit of olive oil
fragrance (vanilla)

I make a 4oz amount by mixing about 1/4 cup of melted mango and kokum butters (you must melt separately because their melting points are different and if you melt together you may over-melt the mango butter) with 3 tablespoons melted shea butter (also melted separately). I mix the melted butters together in a blender at high speed, adding a bit of glycerin, olive oil and about a 1/2 cup gel. Once all ingredients are together I remove from blender (while still warm) and begin to mix by hand painstakingly until the mix has cooled (solidified) into a smooth, whipped cream (see pic above).
That's all folks. This stuff works great on my kinky curls, giving both the definition and moisture I need.


zainab1 said...


I am new to your site, and it is fabulous you provide great information. In fact this recipe you were so kind to share with us here is very close to what I also do to my hair. I am super happy that I have found your site. Keep up the great work !...Take care.

DM said...

@zainab1, thanks and welcome!