Vacation Hair

I am going on vacation to France this summer.  I'm excited although its so far out it hasn't hit me yet. Nine days starting in Versailles, going to Provence and then to Paris.  Which leads me to my big question:  What will I do with my hair?  Dealing with my hair on vacation has always taken some thought.  I've been to Europe  for this long before - but not with natural hair. I am still a toddler at this natural hair journey.  I have alot of information stored in my head about the best stuff for my hair and I have a pretty solid regimen that my hair seems to like but a regimen at home is different from a regimen while traveling.

Traveling, especially when I have gone to faraway places, have always taken some toll on my hair.  Between the constant walking and bustle, I generally don't drink as much fluids as I do back home or as I should to keep up with the workout.

The weather difference between the hot and humid locale of where I live and the cold, dry air of places like London and Paris on top of the city pollution, has never helped my efforts with my hair either.  Not to mention the added stress from jet lag to the constant up and down and just the effects of being away from home.  I mean I love traveling and unlike the last couple times, I think I planned lots of time to just veg but I also  know I will need to adjust my regimen based on these things and also based on what I can carry with me and what is available where I'm going.

My tentative product list to carry with me is this:
Daily conditioner for co-washes  (I'll probably get something cheap from Suave, Herbal Essence or Aussie)
Deep conditioning packs  (I already stocked up on two from Ion)
My super-moisturizer mix
My glycerin and water spritz
Shower/heat cap
Silk/satin scarf to sleep in
A bit of gel to mix with my shea butter when I want curl definition.
Depending on how much my hair has grown out, I will definitely be using protective styles to protect my hair from the dry air....and of course, hats for super-hot days.

How do you manage your hair while traveling?