Cheapie Tip of the Month (For The Thrifty Natural)

Don't pay the usual retail price for the products you love. When you find a product you love, comparison shop online (and remember to google for discounts).

Sites like Sephora  (and even the store) will sell you a product at 'the suggested retail price.' But lesser-known sites (there's one called can sometimes offer you a better deal as they are often more eager to move inventory even if it's at a discount and will may even tack on additional discounts  through online coupons.  This is how I bought many of my pricier commercial hair products.

You may be thinking: 'But the shipping...!'
But without realizing it, sometimes we end up paying more in the store just to avoid shipping costs.

Here's what to do: Add the shipping in from the get-go, as though it were a part of the cost, then do the math. You will often find that even with shipping, it works out cheaper.

I have gotten pretty savvy at it, and I will actually search around different marketplace or lesser-known sites and divide the cost each vendor is selling the product at, by the number of ounces I get in total. This way I can tell which one will give me the lowest cost per ounce. I have found that sites like and, I'm sure, ebay will sell multiple containers for a single price, like two for one etc.

Be cautious though.
If you are getting your product from a lesser-known site (that you're not familiar with), do your research. This means looking at the About Us page and making sure they are legit; and googling reviews on their web store. If they have been in business for awhile they should have reviews.
Or, if you're shaky about online shopping in general, go through a marketplace site like Amazon or eBay. Amazon is great because if they don't follow through, you can demand a refund.


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