Making My Own Hair Accessories??

....I've decided - I'm going to make my own hair accessories! Yay me! *dancing around the room.*

You may be asking what financial tragedy has driven me to make such an imminently disastrous decision?
 But I think this newfound thrifty side of me is actually a good thing. It's forcing me to be more responsible and creative and make my dollars go farther.

Anyway, here are my fabrics (I went to JoAnns today).

I got each napkin-sized fabric for just $1.99 each. Then after I left I thought, damn I could've probably found some random pieces of cloth around my house (cut me some slack, I'm a work in progress).
Anyway, I'm excited about my choice of fabric colors for this reason:

Uh huh you guessed it. They will match my summer nail colors *giggles.*

This mini-project all started with wanting some cute hair accessories for summer. I found some cute ones at urbanoutfitters but was personally offended (lol) to find they were $24. I mean what are they trying to do? Fast track me to the poorhouse?

A fellow natural suggested I make my own and I thought, 'why didn't I think of that?' I mean I sew. (I briefly went to school for fashion design - yes I mean briefly). I sewed my own graduation day dress, my own winter coat....out of felt - don't laugh, (it was off of a Calvin Klein design and I thought I looked too cute, now one could tell me nothing).

Anyway a youtuber and fellow natural responded by posting a tutorial on making hair flowers out of fabric. I'd give her props but I don't know her name. If she's reading this, she knows who she is.
I'm not generally a flowers or bows person but, the hair flowers thing looks so good on other twa naturals, I thought, why not try it?
I will post pictures if I am successful and if it all goes very wrong?... well I'll probably blog about it too - just for laughs.

Wish me luck....