Have You Run Into The Purists?

Have you run into 'the natural purists' yet?

I call them that because they believe you should 'accept' your hair as it is.  And what they mean by this is that you should do nothing to alter or enhance in any way.  They are against straightening no matter how its done and whether it damages or not.  They tell you that if you have type 4 hair that does not naturally shine, that you should just 'accept' it that way and not try to use any product to get the shine you want.
They tell you that you are too 'reliant' on products.  To me, they make natural hair feel like a religion and that I'm violating some holy sanctity if I choose to enhance what my hair naturally does. And I wonder if they never enhance anything about themselves.  Do they never enhance their eyes with eyeliner, or their lips with lipstick?
I have nothing against natural sisters straightening their hair, and I know some of you feel this way too.  As long as the mentality is not that straight hair is superior to your natural texture and you are not damaging what God has given you, why not switch it up?  Isn't this what makes life interesting and fun?  Being able to try to new things, even a different persona for awhile?
Personally, I  love to enhance what God blessed me with.  Does it mean I'm ashamed of it as it is?  No, it means I'm proud of it so I play with it.  I find freedom in it.
I like my eyes, I play them up with eyeliner and sometimes I leave them as is because I know they speak volumes on their own.  I like my height but I still wear heels once in awhile.
I don't know about you but if I ever meet a 'purist' preaching to me about how wrong it is to do this and that to my own hair, I will have to tell them (ever so politely) to please mind their own follicle.