Snapshot of My Hair

Puff from an old twistout -
Don't be fooled at the length, the shrinkage is crazy

Just Beautiful


I had the chance to try Karen's Body Beautiful Hair Mask a few months ago (the brand offers samples which makes it much easier to try their products if you are unsure you want to drop the amount of money their full bottles cost before you fall in love with them).
I have to say I was skeptical when the bottle showed up. The consistency of the mask appears light - actually reminded me of a cloud and in fact the color of the conditioner is white. My immediate thought was, I bet this is too light for my (4-something) hair.
But I had committed to giving it a try based on the raves of other naturals.
I used it about a week later after a pre-poo detangling session and then a hair wash and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. I expected it to sit on my hair and be water-y but it instantly absorbed unto my hair and offered excellent slip for finger and comb-detangling. It also coats very well.
I know this because I accidently got some on my lips (don't ask me how) and after washing it away  still felt a film on my lips. Not good for lips, but for protecting the hair strand -  a good quality. Don't worry it didn't cause any noticeable buildup. It comes either unscented or scented - your choice. I opted for unscented because I put other products in my hair that are scented and the combination of scents can be overwhelming so it was refreshing to have one product that didn't contribute to the cacaphony.
My overall opinion: Love it!
My only hesitation is the price. I am on a budget and just cannot afford the $25-$40 (plus shipping if you are not in NY) a pop for this stuff and maybe I am using too much in my hair but it goes fast as I have alot of hair (longer).
Still, if you are up for spending alot for a product you will love, I highly recommend it. The list of ingredients are awesome and you will definitely be left feeling like you just did something good for your hair.

Vatika! Vatika!

I read the other day on another blog that 80% of blogs are abandoned within the first year. I can't remember how long I've been blogging on natural hair but I'm pretty sure I'm over the 1 year mark. I mention this though because my posts have been less frequent and I want you all out there who read my blog to know that this is temporary.
I certainly have not gotten bored with either my natural hair journey or blogging about it. Its just that I have a new little love in my life and he needs some tlc since this is his first year of life. I have been busy loving him up and that has taken up my time. Plus the stresses of life in general as I'm just trying to re-gain my bearings with this new addition to my life and currently being out of work, the suck-y economy and I can go on.

Anyway sorry for the rant. Let me get to what this post is about before my little one (who is currently napping) calls me away. I bought vatika oil a few months ago and I can't remember what prompted me except I was turned on by how cheap it is. One of my favorite oils is coconut oil as I believe it has helped to keep my hair strong and its a very light oil so I barely feel it in my hair. I have been on an ayurvedic challenge since a few months into going natural and have used amla, shikakai and brahmi in my hair so it was natural to be turned on to a product that included all my faves.
I believe in pre-poo-ing even from my relaxed days and vatika seems the natural choice to support my new state of frugality. The smaller bottle (can't remember the ounces) cost only about $3 a pop, the smell is bearable to neutral and I have noticed an improvement in the general strength of my strands.
I apply it the day before or the morning before a hair wash and let sit with a shower cap on. I find that after I shampoo, my hair still has slip (I shampoo with dudu-osum mixed with a shikakai tea) which is amazing considering how shampoos generally strip hair.
I also suffer barely any breakage (no breakage is pretty much impossible) which I attribute partly to washing my hair in sections and only combing/detangling before with some product for slip and dampened with water (I don't detangle on dripping wet hair. I will explain why in another post on updated tips for detangling).

So I will give vatika oil a 4 out of 4 stars. It has become one of my staples and I have very very few staples. If you use coconut oil, give vatika a try in its place, you  may notice stronger hair.
Later, Curlies!