Sisterly Hair and Randomness

My sister...

.....(how cute is that first pic) is transitioning.

If she makes it to the natural side, I will definitely be sharing interviews from her of her experience.

My other sister...

 is vacillating (ooh I finally get to use this word.  I learnt it in 10th grade and its been gathering dust in the back of my mind since) about going natural.  If she ever does go for it, I'll share interviews from her too.

My baby sister whom I won't embarrass by putting up little girl pics (they're the only ones I have of her and she's officially a teen now), has been natural all her life and as she told me, will 'never' relax her hair.  I rarely say never (or believe others when they say it for that matter).  But I'm proud of her.

Oh by the way, there is a story behind this last pic.  I don't know if you can tell but it's actually in a bathroom.  Generally we don't make a habit of taking pics in bathrooms but we were seriously toasted.  Here is the story:  We were out for her birthday, ordered a few drinks and if you are familiar with how bartenders at jamaican clubs mix drinks, you already know, they were seriously strong drinks.
Usually we know our limit but, not much was going on, we were somewhat bored ( it was early, as in midnight, and again, if you  know anything about jamaican clubs you know they don't jump off until like 3am).
The third excuse for our state?  Someone else was paying for our drinks.  And while we were taking them, we eventually had to hide from this kind-person-turned-mild-stalker, in the bathroom.  Thus our location. And of course, our states of mind didn't make way for the realization that the result would be some tacky-ass pictures with what is clearly bathroom-wall behind us.  We did have a good time the bathroom, taking pics  (trust me, the pics get sillier...I clearly remember one with us toasting each other....) So there.


Anonymous said...

I'll be ready for my interview soon :)