What I've Been Up To And Upcoming Plans for My Hair


I'm planning to kick off June with a henna gloss treatment (henna plus my deep conditioner, and a few other ingredients for shine). For this henna treatment I will soak overnight but leave on for no more than one hour (my focus will be not so much on getting color but shine).  I will of course post the results and more details afterward.
I also need to make another batch of shikakai tea for my hair cleansing as I am running out.  I will do that early June and probably make more than last time (a full bottle) since I know the recipe works well for my hair.

Yesterday I did a deep conditioning treatment.  I wish I had pictures but I didn't think of that.  I know I need to so I can share results with you guys. A new camera would help me alot because I've been using my blackberry to take pics and that's not exciting.  I also want to add videos but videos from my phone turn out weird. I promise though, more result pics to come.

Anyway, it was a brahmi tea strengthening treatment.  I applied my brahmi tea (recipe found here) directly to co-washed and towel-dried hair.  The tea was not mixed into a bentonite paste so it was runny (I didn't want clarifying because I had poo-ed with my shikakai tea about 4 days before).  I applied in the shower and  used a shower cap to prevent dripping.  I left the treatment in for about 30 minutes and then rinsed out. If you do this and your hair isn't slippery-feeling after, just run a commercial-brand conditioner through your hair and wash out immediately.  My hair and scalp were happy.  I then applied my 'super-moisturizer' mix and let dry.
 I don't do an herbal cleansing and conditioning treatment at the same time becauseI think  of it as herbal overdose for my hair.  So generally, when I do an herbal hair cleansing, I just use a commercial-brand conditioner after and then a few days later (usually 4 days or more) before my next poo, I co-wash with my commercial-brand co-wash conditioner and apply my homemade herbal conditioner.  I have no reason to think that an herbal hair cleanse with an herbal homemade conditioner will have any negative effects on my hair I just think my current regimen is a balanced approach to caring for my hair. 

That's all folks!