Your Skin Is Gorgeous!

"Thanks, it's actually makeup"

I'm generally a minimalist when it comes to both makeup and fashion but this summer it seems minimal makeup is the new 'hot' thing.

I went out to have lunch with a girlfriend yesterday and decided to try the, 'I rolled out of bed this way' makeup look.

Here are the rules:
No foundation, only concealer. To pull this off, you have to keep your skin looking smooth and summer fresh - I'll post some tips for this later.
No eyeshadow
No makeup smudging
No 'powder-look'

What you will need:
A small concealer applicator brush
Eyebrow shaper
Semi-sheer lip color

My concealer is very thick, like a paste, and if yours is too, apply with a damp brush (dipped in water). The result is a creamy application that leave skin looking dewy. 
Some people use primer before applying makeup. I don't think you need it for this one as the makeup is very light. The idea is to look as though you didn't even need makeup.
If your concealer is creamy then your might not need a damp brush...UNLESS you are daring enough to go for even sheer-er coverage and if you've got the skin for it, go ahead. Just dampen your brush, dab into your creamy concealer and apply over blemishes, to fill in creases and over dark areas only. Think: under eyes, around mouth, over spots.
Because you are not using foundation, you must make sure your concealer blends well into your skin (which a semi-sheer finish should help with).
Do your eyebrows next. Apply wax to smooth them and powder filler to make them look cleaner.
If you have small eyes, you may want to add a thin black line at your lashline to bring out your eyes more. Use a liquid liner or a paste/gel liner to make a thin, sweeping line that gets a slightly thicker as you approach the outer edges of your lash line.
For a throwback look, apply mascara to lower lids as well (I often do this look for late evening or night).
Apply semi-sheer lipcolor (whatever is your fav but keep it close to your natural lipcolor for that natural look: Think, pinks, peaches, corals, even red.
Make sure you apply semi-sheer color to clean lips. White gunks of dead cells on your lips show up  more on nude or semi-sheer colors - not cute.
 To clean lips I use either warm milk and a cotton pad, or plain old warm water. Warm milk has lactic acid which helps to exfoliate (great for skin too).
And your look is complete.

Oh yes, tips for dewy summer skin:
Avocados, spinach, carrots or anything with lots of vitamins A and E and lots of good fats (notice I said good)
Lots of water (and not the sugar or high-fructose corn syrup kind). I've been making lemonade with light sugar and cucumbers. It's delish and will keep you hydrated.
Multi-vitamins (like supplements)
You can cheat and fake a dewy look this way too: Spray skin with a mix of honey and water or, if you dare, water and glycerin (just a small drop of glycerin to a cup of water).

My skin is volatile right now but I know it's hormonal and not dietary. You can never escape the hormonal effects on your skin so if you get a pimple, don't fret, just spot-treat and cover it up while you wait for it to go away.