My Summer Makeup Palette


I'm all about electric hues this summer. I generally don't shy away from bright colors and this summer will be no different. Usually in the fall and winter, I stick to deep or silvery colors, but summers are for golds, iridescents, and my favorite - corals.
Corals look amazing on my skin, probably because of its yellow undertones. My all-time favorite colors are in the blue range so electric blue seemed like a perfect start (and it happens to look equally amazing on my skin):

This one is MAC Freshwater veluxe pearl eye shadow. It works well on both yellow and blue undertones so if you have a super- dark chocolate-y complexion, this color will pop just as well.

I looove this color. Why? Its the perfect combo of yellow and green. I was really looking for yellow when I found this. It's very pretty on darker skin tones but I'm sure will look good on lighter skin tones as well. It doesn't pop very much if you have lighter skin tone and yellow undertones so to spice it up, put it against a highly contrasting color (like against a black liner).

I notice that some dark-skin beauties shy away from bright colors. They tend to gravitate toward the safe deep, dark colors (like purples and dark browns).  But bright colors look amazing on chocolate tones! These tones make the colors pop, in a good way. So this summer, whether your skin tone is dark, medium like me, or light, don't shy away from bright hues.
The only thing I've noticed with bright makeup on dark tones is that if the color is not iridescent (is matte), it may come out looking  chalky. To prevent the chalky look, apply your powder eyeshadows over a light oil base (think jojoba oil). You can either do the mixing on a part of your hand or apply the jojoba oil to your lids and shadow over it. If you tend to have oily skin, skip the oil and use water instead.  Be very, very light on the oil (like literally just a q-tip dab).  Remember your makeup will clump into the creases of your lids over time  if you apply too much oil (not cute).
The color above shows up coral/iridescent orange-y on my medium-brown complexion. It's MAC Coppering veluxe pearl.

And last but certainly not least - who can forget the lips!  A pretty glossy pout is a must-have on those hot summer nights out on the town.  And this one is of course my fav color - coral. I really like it because it's actually a conditioning balm with sunscreen (spf 15) so it won't dry out my lips like some lip stains. It's also a subtle coral.  You can apply a bit for just a hint of color, or layer it on for a full-blown orange-y pretty  pout.  It's MAC Gently Coral Tinted Lip Conditioner if you like.

So there is no reason not to look cute this summer, whether its with your little twa, your full-blown 'fro or whereever you are in-between.  I did a series awhile back about playing up your best face features to complement your cute natural.  If you missed it, here are the links:  EyesEyebrowsLips and NailsSkin and Cheeks.

And, yes, I will show you the outcome of my makeup application.  I have a party tomorrow night. If I'm not in too much of a rush, I will try to remember to take some good shots to put up.