Ayurveda - Strengthening Hair


I made a big batch of my brahmi conditioning tea late last week and used some to deep condition. The recipe is here minus the bentonite/marshmallow part. 
Last time I used it, I mixed it with bentonite and marshmallow root powder to form a paste for clarifying purposes. This time I didn't want clarifying, just the basic strengthening benefits of brahmi. I didn't add anything to it to make it a paste. I did add olive oil to the recipe and otherwise I applied it in its watery form, directly to my hair. Here is how I did it:
I made sure to have a thick towel around my shoulders to help prevent drippage.
As soon as I applied the tea, (from a bottle with a tube-like tip), I rubbed it into my hair and scalp for quick absorption. It was still a bit messy but the rubbing helps.
I try to apply just enough to saturate the hair but not so much to make a mess or to waste it.

I mixed honey into the batch I was going to apply to my hair. You can also just apply the honey (melted in the palm of your hand) immediately after applying the brahmi tea. Lately I've been applying honey to all my deep conditioners for both its humectant and antimicrobial properties.

I massage my scalp gently after application and then immediately put on a shower/heat cap. Be careful not to let this stuff get in your eyes and if it does, wash it out with water right away. I keep my head back when I apply to prevent running into my face. For those who are not patient with runny conditioners, I suggest making a paste with a mild clay like white clay or kaolin clay (just make sure they won't leave a film after you wash them out). Bentonite and rhassoul clays are pretty potent in terms of the minerals they provide so unless you want clarifying as well, I don't recommend using them to make a paste if your goal is just to prevent drippage.
I am trying to fix my page to allow links and once I do I will post a link to my fotki album where I keep a journey-in-pictures and I sometimes post hair shots after my hair treatments.