Does My Hair Fall Like Waterfalls?

So I want to know why Usher is singing a song that says:

"Like waterfalls your hair falls down to your waist...." and he know damn well black people hair don't be falling down to their waist like no damn waterfall!

He is obviously talking about some other race of women or some weaved-up heads or something. And why oh why did Rick Ross have to bring us to the depths of ghetto-ness with a phrase like, "pretty face, thin waist, with the thick weave." Is it supposed to be the ideal now, that black women have some "sick weave?"

I'm not even really noticing Rick Ross since he's not on my he-can-get-it list any day but Usher? I was totally feelin' that song, imagining myself as the love interest in the video, who he's "checkin' out when [I] be puttin' [my] heels on." And then he came to that verse and it just killed it for me. Just killed my Usher video-girl daydream.

So this is how it's gonna be then Usher?

This is how you let me know my natural is beautiful after being a fan since you (and I) were like 13 years old? *sob*

After we've come all this way together.

After I spent many a friday and saturday night breaking a sweat dancing to your latest songs in the club?

I guess you can make it up to me in your next vid by letting a natural-hair beauty represent for those of us who have decided to be true to the hair we were born with.

Or whatever.