Hair Pretties and Makeup


My hair accessories display.

I wore the feathered headband to the right, to a party last weekend. Here is the pic:

You probably can't see it very much because of the poor lighting (and probably the crazy lady behind me is distracting you - isn't she cute?) but it looked really cute.

I am in love with the blue butterflies hair comb but I have not yet found an occasion to wear it. Maybe an evening event this summer. And I never wear bows but I fell in love with the rhinestone-studded bow headband to the left. It has a rock-n-roll but still cutesy feel to it. I haven't yet worn it though. I will definitely bring it with me on my vacation. I'm already picturing me, walking down the streets of Paris, with it on my head. How cute will that be?
By the way, you can't see it much because of the lighting and because this pic was taken with my phone....I really do need a camera. What kind of blogger can I be without one?.....the quality sucks.
Anyway, here is how I achieved this makeup look:
Orange/coral base eyeshadow with electric blue shadow used as a liner.
The lower lids were lined sharply with black eyeliner and then electric blue used as a liner over it.
There is also yellow-green used on the interior of my lids and where the lids meet at the inner part of the eye.
Lots of mascara on both upper and lower lids.
Eyebrows shaped and thickened with brown shadow and a shimmery off-white powder, I think its MAC Fawntastic, on the brow bone.
There was no foundation because fluorescent lights can be unforgiving to faces made up with foundation, at night. Just concealer. Dab brush in water first for a creamy application if your concealer is thick. Finally, coral lip color. For more on the colors I used, see this post.