Makeup -TWA Pt. 3


So my lips are my next best feature (remember I said pick two). I play them against my eye makeup for an overall effect. This means if I have alot going on with my eye makeup I keep it light on the lips and vice versa and sometimes I keep it light altogether with just foundation, mascara and a nude/sheer lip color.

In this case, to complement my liquid eyeliner and eyeshadow look, I would do this:


Lipstick (matte only if you want stronger color) (my fav now since summer is coming is a reddish-orange - mostly orange - color. Its hot!)
Lip salve
Clean face towel
Gloss color (for that extra lip shine if its a nighttime look)


1. Clean your lips before applying lip color! This way your color won't clump and leave little blotches on your lips - not cute!).

-Dry your lips first by gently wiping with dry towel.

-Dampen a part of the face towel under warm water or in warm milk if you have time and you're in the self-pampering mood. Then, using the damp part, gently wipe your lips again, rubbing to remove dead skin (which will appear whitish). Once your lips feel clean and smooth, dry again by wiping gently with dry side. Be gentle, you don't want to bruise your lips!

2. Apply lip salve. Rub unto lips making sure not to apply too much.

3. Apply lip color. The amount of color you want on your lips will depend on how much salve you added since the salve will dilute the color. If I want alot of color I will actually wipe away some of the salve ((I add the salve to soothe and protect my lips first) before adding the lipcolor.

-If you want subtle color, apply alot of salve. You can use a brush to apply lipcolor, I'm lazy so I just stroke it on, making sure to get the sides and inner parts of the lip as well. If my color is bold (as in the hot pink color I wear sometimes) then lipliner is a must. Make sure to use a lipliner that is similar to but darker than your lipcolor. Again, a beauty consultant can help you choose a complementary lipliner.

4. If I am going for a matte look but not using a matte lipcolor, I will wipe away almost all the salve, then apply the lipcolor and, using a piece of paper (paper towel and tissues will usually leave pieces behind) dab away the shine. You may have to do this applying and dabbing away several times to get intense color without the shine. Be patient and you'll get there. You can also mix lip colors for a unique color, be creative with it.

Don't forget to re-apply lip salve at the end especially if you go matte but the weather is cold, chapped lips with lipstick is not a good look! For a high shine look (great for nighttime looks) skip re-applying the salve and apply a gloss instead. If the gloss is sheer, it should not mess up your lip color.



Light oil


Just shape them, however you like them. You don't have to get them done every two weeks. I almost never get my nails done. I just cut my own cuticles and shape with a filer. When I'm in the mood, I apply a color that pops like orange or dark blue.

I don't leave color on my nails for long because they tend to make them yellow and brittle. But if you do leave them on your nails for long, wipe your nails with pure lemon juice or quickly rinse with apple cider vinegar after you remove the color.

My basic thing, is just making sure my nails are always clean and well-shaped. And now that I use all these amazing oils in my hair, I almost never have cuticle problems, partly the result of HIF (hand-in-'fro) disease but at least something benefits. :)

Next post is the last but definitely not least part of our beauty series....