Childhood Hair Nostalgia


IF you are from the Caribbean.....IF you are Jamaican, I  know you have the memory of sitting at your mother's or grandmother's knees while she applied this to your hair before parting it into sections and braiding. Who can forget the smell?! Whew! So I just bought these two bottles and immediately as I opened them, the whiff hit me.


It's not a pleasant smell (very nutty) but not unpleasant either.....or probably its because I welcomed the memories it brought back, especially of sitting at my grandmother's knees. She was always gentle with my hair, unlike my mother, although she braided it so loosely I looked like I had a helmet on.
Love my Grandma.

Anyway, this stuff was not used often enough in my hair (mineral oil-based hair oil was easier to come by) so now I'm pampering my hair to make up for it - with this stuff. The original.

And so far, I think my hair likes it. But the smell means I can only apply this stuff at night (which I do, as a re-moisturizer before bed) or if I will be home all day. Bring on those rainy, lazy days.

People have claimed left and right that it makes your hair grow thicker...I will let you know what it does for me.

PS. It is very different from the castor oil you buy at Whole Foods. I really was like: 'Whats the big deal? Castor oil is castor oil.' No babes. Get the bottle, take a whiff, take a look and you will see what I mean. Now will my hair react differently to it? That we'll see.