Is My Hair A Pilfer?

So I've been more than lazy lately.  I have not even co-washed in two days, which is a long time for me.  I deep conditioned and applied a leave-in mix on Saturday.  I have since been moisturizing each day with Qhemet's Olive and Honey and right before bed with black castor oil.

I have been meaning to try twist-outs but it hasn't happened yet.

I have been noticing especially since I've gotten some more length that my hair likes to pick things up and hold on to them.

 I guess its not really pilfering since its usually annoyingly gross things like pieces of cotton, or thread or any lightweight congobulation of random grossness usually hairlike.  (Why can't she pilfer things that can actually be of use to me like some diamonds or money or something?)

No.  Many a morning or post-middday nap I have faced the mirror to find some glob of randomness sticking to her.

Does this happen to you ladies? Do you notice that things stick to your natural hair?

I suppose it helps to know I have an accomplice if I wanted to resort to a life of pilfering (she appears to be good at hiding things). But its annoying to be on my way out the door, and after a second thought to check the mirror, I find a hairball from my cat stuck to her or pieces of yarn.
Maybe she just has a sense of humor?

Anyway, take my advise:   If you wear your hair out in a 'fro, make sure to examine it closely before leaving the house.....unless you like being the object of stifled giggles by grade school kids.
Peace out.