Makeup - TWA Pt. 2

Ladies, enhance those amazing cheekbones or that pretty complexion!

If your cheek is your best feature, the key here is color that complements your skin tone. See a beauty consultant (like the ones at the MAC counter) to find the color that works for you - just make sure that it's subtle.


-Blush compact

-Large narrow or rounded brush

-Shimmer or glow

The shimmer is the trick. I call it shimmer but its really a very subtle 'non-color' that makes your skin glow. By 'non-color' I mean it should not show any other color than your natural skin tone, it should only show a shimmer when light hits it. The key is to get a quality shimmer or glow. I have found that with shimmer, quality matters. The size of the shimmer particles are often larger in shimmer products by lower quality brands.

You want something that looks like fairy-dust, matched to your complexion. I use MAC Fawntastic Cream Color Base and MAC Indianwood Paint.
Here is a cheat: If you have medium-brown complexion with yellow undertones (do you look yellow in some areas or some lights?) go for a gold shimmer. MAC Indianwood will work but cheaper brands like CoverGirl sell good gold shimmer as well. Make sure the shimmer particles are dust-like or else it will look tacky and childish. (If you can pick each shimmer 'dust' from your face - not the right one)


1. Smile
2. Apply a sweep of blush where your cheeks stick out the most, maybe a hair above where they stick out the most.
3. Using another blush brush (may be smaller) apply a sweep of shimmer above where you applied the blush, (should be under and toward the outer edge of your face). Make sure the stroke is very light and even if you don't see it, don't apply more. It's there. Applying too much will make you look clownish. If you don't see it, take a few steps back from your mirror, you should see it when the light hits that part of your face. Play with it, have fun with it.

I was not blessed with flawless skin. I've had to work at it. And over the years I have noticed that my skin is very responsive to what I put into my body (both good and bad) and reacts to my stress levels. So I manage that and it has helped my skin alot. When I thought about going natural, I knew my skin had to be on point because I could no longer hide behind long bangs like I used to.

I found that when I eat products high in vitamin A, within a few days my skin looked clearer and glowed.
My High Vitamin A Foods

Carrot juice (jamaican-style) with parsley (my own twist)
Cod liver oil (the emulsion because the oil tastes just nastay)
Spinach salads with lots of tomatoes
Avocados, avocados, avocados
Baby carrots and dip


Blemish concealer
Powder foundation.
Face moisturizer - Even if you have oily skin you should always protect your skin with a moisturizer (I have oily skin and I love Burts Bees marshmallow face cream - gives a glow - without making me look oily).
Eye creme (I love Burts Bees royal jelly)

Eat something with vitamin A each day or take a supplement (The body absorbs vitamins/supplements in food-like or liquid form better)

Another tip, especially if you tend to have problem or sensitive skin, keep wearing makeup to a minimum. I am a strong believer in letting skin breathe - plus makeup is drying even if you have oily skin so if you're spending a day in or just hanging out at your fav casual local spots, well-groomed eyebrows, lip salve (and maybe concealer if you're self-conscious) is most likely all you need.


1.Wash face and apply moisturizer and eye creme (as you get older or if you have a super-busy and stressed life, eye creme becomes a must to keep bags and under-eye circles to a minimum. Start using this stuff before you see problems to prevent you ever having to deal with them).

2. Let the moisturizer dry. Skin will absorb what you put on it and the moisturizer is supposed to protect your skin (among other things) so don't apply makeup until your moisturizer has 'set.'
3. Once the moisturizer is 'set' (your skin feels normal again), use a small narrow or round brush to apply concealer to blemishes. Oftentimes I stop here. If your concealer is good and blends well with your skin, and if you have not had to apply much you may not need more, just make sure it is blended in well. Check your skin in a well-lit place to make sure.

4. If I am getting all dolled up, I then apply a powder foundation (because my skin is oily). If your skin is dry, use a creme foundation and make sure it is non-comedogenic (doesn't cause breakouts) especially if you have problem skin like me.

See a beauty consultant for the perfect concealer, blush and foundation for your skin.

I know some of you, like me, like to shop on your own and don't think you need 'consulting' and you may not if you know what colors look good on you (I like to think I do) but for foundations, blushes and concealers, they will be the best at guiding you to the right products.

If they know their stuff, they won't just look at your skin tone, but your undertone as well (as in, is your undertone yellow or blue etc?).

Here's a tip: Darker skin tones will more likely have blue undertones so ask for products like lip color that have blue undertones, and medium to lighter skin tones will have more yellow/orange undertones.

There are red lipsticks for blue undertones and ones for yellow/orange, so it helps to know your skin.

When I apply foundation, I swirl the blush in the powder, shake off excess and very lightly 'sweep' my face. Very lightly may mean doing this dab and sweep process several times but I don't want to force the foundation into my pores - I want the foundation to sit on the moisturizer on my face - so it helps to use a light touch. If its powder, the more you apply, the more you will see the change, even with light sweeps.

That's all, Curlies. Smooches.