Makeup -TWA Pt. 4


The difference between looking like a crackhead and looking like a diva.

Eyebrows will make or break a twa look or any short look but especially a natural short look. Think about it, your hair is very curled or kinky and very short. It looks like it has a mind of its own (which it probably proudly does), so you want the rest of you to look put together so it looks like you deliberately styled it that way and that you are not a victim of crack-cocaine, fashion-failure or anything else.

I get my eyebrows threaded. Its up to you, if you wax or tweeze or thread. I like threading because its no more painful than waxing and I don't have to worry about my skin being peeled off in the process (happened to me several times) and it looks cleaner to me. I think of those indian women who are masters at making up their faces.

But to keep your eyebrows looking extra-good:


Eyebrow brush and comb
Eyebrow shadow or filler and applicator.
Wax or butter


Ask whoever does your eyebrows to trim them with scissors. The person who does mine, combs them upward and trims the longer hairs so they look polished. Don't ever let anyone use a razor on your eyebrows, its a recipe for ingrown hairs and other disasters. Also, the person is more likely to make mistakes resulting in misshapen eyebrows since a razor is not easy to hold.


1. Comb or brush eyebrows in the direction you wear them.

2. Using a very narrow and small applicator brush, apply wax or butter (I actually use shea butter since I ran out of wax which might even be better because its more nourishing for my skin and eyebrow hairs).

3. Use the brush and butter/wax to smooth your eyebrow hairs in the direction you wear them.

4. Dab the same brush in the filler (usually a matte powder that matches your eyebrow color) and make a sweeping line toward the ends of your eyebrows (inward out) to make a sharp outer edge.

5. Fill in any areas that look sparse, with the filler. Make sure to be light-handed so you don't end up looking like the cookie monster. Even though your eyebrow color looks black, it is most likely off-black or brown so you should probably never use a black filler. A dark brown one when applied multiple times will look black anyway.

And that's all folks. This was exhausting for me, but hopefully this series has been helpful for those of you unsure about what to do to enhance that twa and nstwa. If you have aaannnyy questions, tips for me - anything - please, please let me know. I am always learning.


Anonymous said...

True words indeed. I've heard it said that your face is the picture and your eyebrows are the picture frame. You wouldn't put your Monna Lisa painting in some jacked up cheap looking picture frame.