What is your natural style???

1)  Edgy - You like to wear your hair in styles that are out of ordinary, young, hip and chic.  You think of creative things to do with your hair, the kind of styles that make people do a double take.  Your style is definitely thought out and you are up to date on the latest trends and often make your own. .  i.e.the frohawk

2)  Girly Girl - You love accessories your favorite of which are flowers or bows.  Dresses are your staple, anything with lace or eyelet is a plus.  You like your hair soft with feminine curls and usually forgo the trends for a more classic style

3)  Classy Lady - You are a professional.  You like a more understated look with updos and tucked under styles.  You carry yourself in a way that demands respect and is in line with social norms.  Your look is clean and natural and so is your hair ... always neat and well done.

4)  Wild Child/Diva - You are proud of your fro and you wear it without a care in the world.  Your hair is often messy and big ... and you like it that way and make no apologies.  Trends are not your thing.

5)  Sexy Vixen- Foxy Brown is your hero.  You love sexy big hair with just the right balance of done and undone.  Your personality is just as big as your hair, you like to show your curves but leave a little to the imagination.  You don't shy away from red lipstick or animal prints.  Your accessories are big and overstated... far from girly!