My Hair Now

I think I told you that I had in some protective styles via extensions for awhile. My last look was rope twists and sadly in the process of taking them out, realized I had lost alot of hair at the hairline because the person who put them in did them too tight. I usually insist whoever is putting in extensions not do them tight but this time around was different. I was distracted by the tornado of having a new baby and being a first time mom and, sadly but appropriately, my hair came second to him. I remember the day I had them re-done. I felt the tightness but baby was fussing in my arms and I just wanted to be done so I could tend to him and I thought, "I'll just put some oil on my scalp, it should be fine."
Well learn from my experience Naturalistas, if your scalp feels uncomfortable because of a style you are trying to do, don't push it. Especially at your hairline, the hair is extra sensitive to breakage. For me its lessons learnt and now the biggest downer is knowing the hair at the front hairline, once it grows back in, will not be the same length as the rest of my hair, which was a major goal for me.
Anyway, I applied some of my scalp oils once I took the extensions out. I then detangled in the shower with my co-wash shampoo, then shampooed, then deep conditioned using a mix of my Phyto conditioner and my homemade brahmi-ginseng conditioner. I had alot of growth but as usual, the shrinkage, particularly at the sides and back where my curls are tightest, was out of this world. I spent alot of time detangling and mainly because I had the extensions in so long. I clipped my ends and twisted my hair. Here is the result of the twistouts: