How Do You Wash Your Hair?

Since going natural I have washed my hair the same as when I was relaxed. But it took several recent washes after which I noticed alot of lost hair in the comb-out process for me to realize that different hair texture (and a more tangly one) might have to mean different approach to washing.
I had read where other naturals with much longer hair, credits washing in braids with hair length retention and thought, 'hey, they are obviously doing something right with the hair to show, why not try it?' So I did. And yes definitely I noticed less hair lost in the washing process.
I thought it might be a bit tricky since I usually scrub my scalp and hair with a rubbing motion and didn't want to put tension on the braided strands. So I just made sure I was gentler with the scrubbing especially with the delicate nape, sides and front hair.
So this will be my technique from now on.
Have you thought about your hair-washing technique?