Homemade Protein Hair Treatment

 I did a homemade conditioning treatment on Saturday and I think my hair loved it....
I went to whole foods and got the following:
Braggs Liquid Aminos
Unrefined honey

Once  I got home, I whipped these up with some aloe vera gel (straight from the leaf but I don't think it matters), a few drops of olive oil and two teaspoons coconut milk. I won't give you the quantities because I think you will need different amounts of the above based on what your hair needs are. For me, I need lots of moisture because my hair tends to be dry so I had to include several drops of olive oil. Just as a starting point, I used only a half of a small avocado.

Warning: This stuff does not smell friendly thanks to the Liquid Aminos, but I read it makes a good protein treatment and is not too harsh on your hair which stronger protein treatments like Infusium is on mine (Infusium makes my hair feel sticky and brittle and staticky). Anyway, I whipped these in a blender and applied to hair after I had shampood with Organix coconut milk shampoo which I was so pleased to find at Wal-mart. I let it sit for about 30 minutes and when I washed it out my hair curls were very defined, I'll post pics later. I then conditioned with a random daily conditioner I bought at whole foods that I plan to use to co-wash (I'd been using the kerastase oleo-curl but I think this is meant to be a deep conditioner and its too expensive for me to be using everyday).

After I got out of the shower, my hair felt and looked so happy like it was curling  up in happiness.